Flavored Variety Pack - 120 Capsules

  • Variety Light / Medium / Dark
  • Caffeinated
  • OU Kosher
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • 0.87 oz
  • 1.35 oz
  • 2.87 oz

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Discover the best coffee on Earth: BESTPRESSO - Natural, unique and sustainable!

We select only the best coffee beans to bring you an espresso that is 100% natural. Our balanced and delicate grinding process enhances the unique flavors of each one of our capsules; no preservatives, no sugar or flavoring added. We are committed to providing sustainable coffee and supporting small coffee producers so they can make a decent living out of their work. This is our formula to making a Perfect Espresso. Dare to discover it!

Bestpresso 08: Vaniglia (Medium Intensity) -A delight for lovers of sweet and balanced flavors. This blend combines a medium roast with the aroma and the softness of vanilla. Almond notes complement its delicate and exquisite flavor.

Bestpresso 09: Caramello (Medium Intensity) - The sweetness and creaminess of caramel appear in this unique variety created from the best Arabica beans. Its balanced roasting gives a special flavor, full body and richness. The sweet and attractive aroma makes it an irresistible blend.

Bestpresso 10: Cioccolatto (Medium Intensity) - Coffee beans are complemented by cocoa beans to create this variety. The aroma and taste of black chocolate blend into the body and the strength of its special roasting, which gives it a unique character.


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