Natural, Unique & Sustainable

We select only the best coffee beans to bring you an espresso that is 100% natural. Dare you to discover!

A Journey Through Exotic Coffee Flavors

We traveled around the world looking for the most unique and exquisite flavors to create our premium products. Our agricultural engineers went on a quest for the best coffee crop fields in the Americas, Africa, and Asia, taking into consideration factors such as soil, water, and weather conditions. Each plantation produces coffee with rare characteristics, the same that the consumer can enjoy, thanks to the quality of our process.


Strict Control
Of The Crops

The best coffee producers located in tropical and subtropical regions are selected by assessing the micro climate, altitude, average level of shade, and collection processes of their lands, in order to obtain strong, healthy plants that will produce only premium fruits. As a result, our coffee is certified by Rainforest Alliance, which guarantees that these crops are managed in accordance with rigorous sustainability standards.


Every single stage, from seed planting to harvesting, is critical. That is why we make sure that the beans used in our blends are cropped and harvested under the most refined methods. For a premium quality coffee, we rely on the principles of sustainability and traceability.


The most fundamental stage, where the wide range of flavors preset in our capsules are born. Green beans are roasted as necessary to get to the perfectly desired aroma and flavor. We give each flavor the appropriate time and temperature needed to attain the ideal roast.


Decaffeination consists of dissolving and then removing caffeine from the beans, through a very natural water-based process. With this delicate process, caffeine is eliminated without altering the natural flavor of the coffee.

Quality Control


Roasting Process

The roasting timing and temperature determine each one of our flavors. We work with the most experienced and well-known coffee sommeliers worldwide, who calculate the right time of heat exposure for each bean, in order to achieve the perfect blend.

Control On Site During All Roasting Stages

We conduct a first control where freshly harvested coffee is tasted; after it has been left to brew, we are ready to perform a pre-shipment tasting; and once the coffee arrives, prior to roasting, it is tasted again to verify that there was no alteration. Then, following the tasting sheet, we carry out a meteorological control, sensory impressions are assessed, and a physical analysis is completed.

Coffee Quality Control

At our facilities, we enforce strict quality controls in all processes where coffee is the main ingredient. Additionally, all production stages meet a demanding food safety system, adjusted to national and international laws and regulations.